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If you were in care at either Red House or Winestead Hall or a member of staff or a whistleblower with information in regards to child abuse or corruption please contact us. For former residents please complete the online survey first.

Urban Concepts is a communications agency that also undertakes investigations where there has been an obvious injustice. As part of the communication agency we have delivered various campaigns (Don't Trigger, One Knife Can Take a Life ) which have been  funded by the Home Office, Government Office of London, Mayor's Office.

Our investigations include historical child abuse at Shirley Oaks Children Home, investigations into all Lambeth Children’s Homes, including Angell Road and Lambeth care children that were fostered.

Our media campaign was shown on all news channels and received worldwide coverage which resulted in over 1800 former residents coming forward as well as whistle blowers and former police officers.

Our detailed reports  forced Lambeth to accept liability for the abuse that hundreds of former care children suffered over four decades.  

A redress scheme was set up in 2018 and closed in January 2022. To date over 70 million has been paid to survivors. It is predicted the final figure will be over 100 million. 

The above was made possible by brave survivors coming forward and documenting their accounts and sharing their care records which enabled us to piece together the horrific actions of paedophiles and abusers who were allowed to abuse thousands of children over decades.

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